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L'DORA CARE Facial Cleansing Gel With Massager 200ml

L'DORA CARE Facial Cleansing Gel With Massager 200ml

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This expert-formulated product is a deep facial cleanser designed for effective skin purification. The potent ingredients in this gel, such as white berry root extract and grapefruit extract, offer deep cleansing and antioxidant properties, resulting in clear and radiant skin. Besides providing thorough skin cleansing, this product's silicone brush, featuring antibacterial silicone bristles, helps prevent the intrusion of impurities into the skin.

Type Of Gel
Suitable For All Types Of Skin
Weight/Volume 200ml
Container Type Tube With Face Brush
Container Material Plastic
Age Group Above 15 Years
Effective Ingredients Beeswax, Vitis Vinifera Fruit Extract (Vinifera Grape Extract), White Berry Root Extract, Allantoin, Menthol
Features Deep Cleanser, Brightens And Clarifies Skin, Regenerates Skin, Anti-Inflammatory And Antibacterial, Controls Open Pores Of Skin, Effective In Removing Blackheads And Subcutaneous Pimples. Has A Face Brush To Prevent Hand Contact With The Face And Transmis




First, Rotate The Silicone Part And Gently Press The Tube To Apply Some Of The Gel To The Brushes. Gently Massage On The Skin Of The Face In A Circular Motion For 5 To 7 Minutes. Then Wash The Skin With Cold Water.

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