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L’DORA Eyebrow Definer, No. 320, 4 Gr

L’DORA Eyebrow Definer, No. 320, 4 Gr

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This product effectively addresses eyebrow imperfections, providing a matte and smooth finish. L'dora Definer Eyebrow Brush, formulated with potent ingredients, prevents irritation and damage to the eyebrows. Its lightweight and gentle texture glides effortlessly onto the eyebrows, creating a natural-looking coverage for beautiful and well-groomed brows. This definer pen offers long-lasting wear while imparting a natural hue to the eyebrows.

The beeswax in the product not only strengthens the eyebrows but also prevents allergies. Glycerin, another ingredient in this definer pen, maintains skin moisture with its hydrating properties, safeguarding the eyebrows from dryness and damage.

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